Welcome to The Project Principle - 21 Day Growth Program!

You’re likely here because you’re either selling or in a sales leadership position for a project-based SME and you’re looking for the the edge when it comes to adding value to your market that grows hungrier for it every single day.

You’re driven for the next level of sales results and whether or not you’re ‘putting in the hours’ isn’t up for questioning. You’re just looking for a way to ‘work smarter’ and get the most of the efforts you’re putting in.

How familiar does the following sound?

You’ve got ambitious targets but no map for how to actually achieve them…

Fluctuating, unpredictable sales numbers are keeping you up at night…

You feel like you’re reactive to the market’s needs instead of proactively creating value for them…

You’re continually finding yourself in a price battle with other suppliers…

We understand and appreciate the consequences these challenges can lead to if left unsolved. That’s why we created this program just for you.

Over the next 21 days you’ll be receiving a single video from us straight to your inbox. Each video will focus on a specific topic – coupled with an immediately actionable task for you to complete – that over the next 21 days will move you rapidly towards:

Your next project sales figure goal, with the map to show you the critical components you’re most missing on the path towards it.

Consistent and future proofed sales results that give you back a sense of predictability into your numbers.

A product, service and content suite for your market that they actually need and are eager to buy.

A selling approach that makes ‘the price war’ a thing of the distant past.

The readiness to scale your company to the next level whilst also seamlessly delivering projects to a high standard.

The opportunity to innovate and expand again in the way you always knew was possible.

Sound like something well worth achieving? You’ll be receiving your first video shortly and we look forward to seeing you on the other side of the screen then. Dig in, enjoy and of course if there is any further way we can help you moving forward, just say the word and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of.

Darcy and Steve

Team Why Bravo

P.S. Remember – we’re so confident of the value you’ll receive if you do everything that is outlined for you in the next 21 days that if you put in the work and don’t believe you’ve received exponential value for your time, money and effort, we’ll not only refund you your $495 but we’ll also give you another additional $495 to say thank you for being here with us. We greatly appreciate you spending the time with us over the next 21 days – especially in a world where there’s a lot of noise out there and not enough promise of results. We choose to be different because you deserve it – now let’s get to work!

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